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Photoshop Tutorial – Post Processing Cathedral Rock Minimalist B&W Image

  Yesterday I talked about the fun I had capturing these long exposure images using my 10 stop ND filter.   I put together this photoshop tutorial which explains how I post-processed this image.  I hope you enjoy it. In the tutorial I refer to two plug-ins Color Effex Pro from Nik Tony Kuyper’s Luminosity masks In this tutorial I …

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Photoshop Tutorial – Getting That Film Look

I’ve had a few people request a tutorial for how I  did the tonal manipulations that I talked about in my previous blog. I had put together a tutorial for the participants in my Off Camera Workshop, but I might as well share it with everybody. Word of warning,  this tutorial demonstrates a couple of plug-ins (Radlab and Dirty Pictures). …

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Rockstar Shoot Part 2 of 3 – Light Beam Tutorial

For some shots adding beams of light can really create bring impact into your images.  The two images that you see here are examples where I felt that emphasising the light beams in Photoshop would be beneficial to the image. In both images, when I was in the studio taking the shots, my eye could see the light beams better …

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Tutorial: Post Processing “F11 and Be There”

It’s been quite a while since I have posted on the blog, so I thought I’d get back into it with a photoshop post processing tutorial.  This morning I went out with a few buddies for a shoot.  What a fantastic day…. one of those days where everything comes together… forecast was for scattered showers, so I was hopeful….. on …

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Photoshop Tutorial – My Cousin Scott

  This is a photo I took on New Years Eve of my cousin Scott.  A cool dude by any measure, and somebody who was keen to see what I get up to when I do my sunrise shoots.  So I planned an environmental portrait that I wanted to make for him as a present.  This tutorial will show you …

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Photoshop Tutorial – Post Processing Jackel

The image above shows you the before (bottom) and after (top) of my shot with Jackel.  I thought I would go ahead and publish a tutorial showing you the various steps that I went through to transform the image.  I make this point in the video, but it’s worth emphasising.  I’m finding that my Photoshop techniques are changing.  I’m adding …

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Photoshop Tutorial – Graffiti Artist

Last weekend I had a ball with Kajo and Chris Belyea shooting this image in the old Dunlop Factory.  The model is Sarah Jane Kelly who is a lovely young girl to work with.  I was evaluating a set of Elinchrom Ranger Quadras for the weekend, so I went out with the goal of shooting a stylised portrait of the …

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Photoshop Tutorial – Post Processing Forsaken B&W

I had a couple of people drop me notes asking for a Photoshop tutorial on how I post-processed the Forsaken image of Rev.  Here it is.  I hope you enjoy it and learn a useful trick or two.

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Kirsty Tutorial Part 2 – Post Processing

This is part 2 of my tutorial on how I produced the image of Kirsty by the bunker.   If you haven’t read part 1, you might want to scroll down or go to the previous article to understand how the capture occured. This posting is all about the photoshop work.  Now before you jump into the screencast, I refer to …

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Cool Shit Masking Tutorial Part 3 of 3 – Playing with the sky

Thanks for the feedback on the first two tutorials.  This third tutorial in the series will show you a couple of techniques that you can use this type of precise masking for.  It will also demonstrate using a real case how to get rid of the fringing that sometimes occurs when trying to make accurate masks. If you haven’t watched …

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